Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Network Programmer
Current from April 2014

Designed and wrote the SDN controller and RESTful API for the NSF-funded project, DANCES.

Created NOC-oriented web applications to display monitored network measurements, utilizing Web10G metrics.

Designed a NoSQL schema for storing TCP flow metrics in InfluxDB, a time series database, and integrated it with data visualization web applications.

Shippensburg University

Applications Administrator
Aug. 2013 -- April 2014

Coordinated with systems and business administrators to roll out a new degree audit system to 7,000+ users.

Helped transition from a legacy in-house system to a 3rd party Oracle solution by writing conversion tools and replacing Perl scripts with PL/SQL scripts.

Shippensburg University

Graduate Assistant
Jan. 2013 -- Aug. 2013

Wrote bash and PL/SQL scripts to support application data flows

Slippery Rock University

Student System Administrator
Summer 2012

Created education materials and configured two Beowulf clusters for Computer Science curriculum use.


Shippensburg University 2014

M.S., Computer Science

Slippery Rock University 2012

B.S., Computer Science


Coursera Feb. 2018 - Present

Deep Learning Specialization


I am a research developer with experience writing C and Python back-ends, storing telemetry data in noSQL databases, and writing web front-ends using JS frameworks.

I work at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center researching high performance networking, focusing on Software Defined Networking and the evolution of the TCP/IP stack. I am interested in leveraging machine learning for the analysis of telemetry data, such as TCP flow metrics.

During my graduate and undergraduate studies I focused on high performance computing. I built several Beowulf clusters to provide Slippery Rock University with more distributed environments for curriculum use. I utilized those resources to develop reference implementations of common distributed algorithms using MPI and GPGPU programming techniques.

Technical Skills

Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning
  • CNNs
  • NLP


  • SDN
  • OpenFlow
  • TCP/IP

System Programming

  • C
  • Python
  • Java

System Administration

  • Linux
  • NoSQL
  • SQL

Web Development

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React

Publications and Communication

Proceedings of the XSEDE16 Conference 2016 -- Co-Author

"Developing Applications with Network Capabilities via End-to-End SDN"

Article No. 29

ESnet Conference 2015 -- Berkeley, California

"Developing Applications with Network Capabilities via End-to-End SDN"

Student Symposium 2012 -- Slippery Rock University

"Parallel Computing Methodologies with GPGPU and Classroom Integration"

PACISE Conference 2011 -- Shippensburg University

"Parallel Computing with GPGPU Technologies"


Joseph Lappa
Uber ATC
Senior Network Engineer

Andrea Rosenberry
Shippensburg University
Applications Manager

Dr. David Valentine
Slippery Rock University